Gray fever invades technology

Posted: 16/05/2009 in Opinionz, TechBitz

I was mesmerized on how mr. Butch Dalisay, writer of a column in T3, made a good point in todays gadgets.

It seems that it is true that most of our cellphones, digicams, and other gadgets are more into darker colrs preferably black or gray.

What is in the color that we sometimes see it as stylish?

First lets review the facts:

Gray is a color associated in steel or metal, in other words its the color of technology.

secondly, black or gray are usual colors of coats worn by rich people or mafia syndicates. It also says that the gadget is “Professional, multi-tasking, and more expensive than you think”.

lastly unlike any other color gray and black are sleek, stylish and shiny to look at that it may even score you a date just by flashing your brand new uber blackish sony ericsson k800i

  1. palikpik says:

    i agree color is a major topic regarding with our gadgets lalo n sa mga babae db?! ksi colors represent your personality
    it only means ur going 2 choose color that suit your taste for example when it comes to our house d tau basta basta ng dedecide kung anong color ang ipipintura d2 coz u want it 2 look gud db! and i agree bout the fact that professionals wear black or gray instead of any other color! have you seen a CEO wearing green?? or yellow?? wala db! that is y i do really agree about that! and regarding with that hooking a date i’ll try that hahaha

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