“Even the threat of power has power”

Posted: 18/05/2009 in Opinionz

Ever been bullied when you were a child? I have…And it didnt happen once too. Practicaly I was scared of getting in trouble so I never fought back. But I notice one thing in common with bullies…They are all body and no brain, hehehe. But seriously, its true. They use their body to get what they want even on exams they will threat you so they can get a glimpse of whatever the answer to the square root of 4. But now Im not afraid of them because I have something more deadly, It’s knowledge…But anyway lets talk about the title of my new post, I foud this phrase in my collection of Magic the gathering cards and it got me thinking. As for me I believe this passage represents people who can be a threat to you even without using brute strength. These are the people who you should not mess with coz they can ruin a life just by using whatever he/she has in her arsenal. I will classify some of them:

  • Rich people – truly you wont argue that money can now buy almost anything, they will even pay an amount of money to anyone who can eradicate their adversaries. Most of them hate losing, that’s because they are business minded. Always aiming high.
  • Influential people – being influential means you have more people siding your opinions.
  • Smart people – we all know that in movies nerds are the one who gets most of the whacking. But in true life having a big source of knowledge and information means you can be more resourceful even without proper funds and your cunning. If we look at today’s terrorists they are now more hi-tech and they can provide themselves with whatever they need. Not to mention expertise in home made bombs, it only means they are becoming more intelligent than the usual guerrillas. (so Osama bin Laden did listen to his chemistry teacher) Also if your smart then you also think logically, meaning you plan before attacking making sure every move counts.
  • Computer Literate people – As of now we are in information age most people live in the cyber world meaning they spend most of their precious life glued to a monitor. Imagine pissing of a Computer Science student with huge amount of knowledge in networking, security measures, hacking and all the stuff we ComSci use to do (yes, Im a comsci student too.) then that will definitely be bad for your part. Not so long ago an angry student spread the infamous i love you virus just because he did not graduate, ending in millions of dollars worth of damage.
  • Doctors/Nurses/Medics – If you dont want a scalpel sticking out of your chest then dont piss them off.
  • Bestfriend – Its true he/she is your best bud. You share secrets, shop together, eat together….(continue till your out of ideas) but you dont want your crush knowing you have a balat in your pwet just because you made fun of your best bud exotic collection of dung beetles dont you?
  • Woman – Simple “hell hath no fury like a womans scorn”

So the moral lesson here is….is there any? Any way just be careful not to piss other people coz you may not know what they are capable of.

  1. bryan Lo says:

    4mb0g p0 ak0hhhhh

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