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Posted: 18/05/2009 in TechBitz

As a Computer Science student (all hail!) madami na akong nadiscover na sites dahil madals akong magsearch sa net naghahanap ng kung anu ano mang maibigan hanapin. hindi ko maikakala na masayang maging ComSci student para kang nasa isang bagong mundo kung san ang nageexist ay mga software programs, chat, websites, forums at kung anu ano pang nag eexist sa loob ng computer na yan. Anyway nawala na ako. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you some websites na maaring helpful pala sayo.

  • – kung namiss mo ang current episode ng boys over flower kagabi then dont fret this website contains many korean hit drama and all (Hindi ka nagkamali sa basa mo, ALL) episodes of them. Note: Boys over flower is not your typical F4 magkaiba sila ng Taiwanese Meteor Garden in many ways in which you have to find out.
  • – Magic the gathering stands today as the number one card game in the world. There are about millions of people playing it kahit matanda, bata, ect. Im one of those players.
  • – here are some softwares you might want to download for free dyan sa site na yan (a.)DAP – Short for Download Accelerator Plus, pampabilis download softwares. (b.)Speedbit – pampabilis din sya ng download but its for movies naman. (c.) Tuneup Utilities 2009 – one of the most helpfull softwares in my laptop dami nya kayang gawin it can speed up the performance of you computer, ibahin ang boot screen, at marami pang iba.
  • – if you want to read you favorate manga lets say Naruto then this is the site to be.
  • – works like google, dito ko nalaman na may new Transformers movie na darating nuong january pa. Advance ako.
  • – My brother introduced me to this site its an online poker site where you can play poker for free maganda ang interface at madami kang makakalaro from all over the world all you need is to register.
  • – Please check out my blog at, oh diba commercial muna syempre minsan lang makapag endorse eh. According to my research wordpress is one of the most popular blog sites.
  • – all hail the number one mens mag in the philippines.
  • – this is T3’s new website its all about gadgets. Note: T3 means Tommorows Technology Today
  • – practically I enjoyed this site kasi cute but in the same time brutal its an onlime flash game site where you create your brute and whack other brutes. Ah basta check it nalang.
  • – Play this alone at exactly 12 pm , with no lights and you will surely get one heck of a scare.
  • – I get my new games, themes and software sa cellphone here.
  • – lots of usefull pdf ebooks here.
  • – another flash game site yet better than others.

And I think thats just about it hehehe. Nakalimutan ko na yung iba eh but I’ll be sure to post a part 2 of this blog.

  1. christian says:

    uhmm, actually were not that so close dba, haha whatever
    mmm, your blog??? good! haha

    as a first timer in this field (our field haha), nababano ako sa mga bagay bagay na natutuklasan ko, so malaking bagay talaga sa mga taong kagaya ko ung blog!

    haha uo n wag k ng magulat, hindi tayo close i know, but i am saying my opinion to the author of this blog, not on “manager” haha

    geh geh 🙂

    PS: i swear, its good!

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