The best bit about blogging

Posted: 20/05/2009 in Opinionz

I can now truly say that this is the perfect place for me.

It struck me when I was checking my friendster account like I always do every night. Then a moment later my brother came and ask me if he can check his friendster account too. I looked at his profile views and I saw that it was actually 5 times bigger than mine. The reason, he’s good looking and Im not. (Its true) Most of his viewers are obviously girls even most of his friends in friendster are girls. You might be asking how the heck does this story is connected to the title. Well here is my answer. In most social websites like friendster I have observed that some tend to look and search for good looking people without assessing their character. But in here we are more practically interested on ideas and opinions, we dont need to see how good looking the person is, just by looking at his/her blog we can see through him/her and what most likely his/her behavior is. Its like a battle with beauty and brains. We can freely express things without bieng stepped on, physically and we fight mentally.


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