Genard Martin S. Mercado

Posted: 20/05/2009 in Thats life, Uncategorized

Its me

I realized that I kept blabbering on my blog that I forgot to talk about myself and introduce who I am. So for my 17th blog post let me introduce to you the triva loving, computer addicted person who sits his ass for absolutely the whole day sticking his eyes on the laptops 15″ monitor and spends the whole night thinking what to post next.

Name: Genard Martin Sahagun Mercado

Age: 19

Status: Single (…And virgin)

Occupation: Student

Birthdate: January 31, 1990

Address: Conrado st. Marino Subd. San Lucas 1 San Pablo City, Laguna. Philippines

School: STI College San Pablo

Year/Course: 3rd year B.S. Computer Science

Father: Gabriel N. Mercado

Mother: Norma Sahagun Mercado

Siblings: Gabriel Nino Mercado

Noriel Joseph Mercado

Princess Mercado

Motto: Information is as precious as diamonds

Favorite food: I eat anything edible in the table haha, but I love ice cream, sweets, Tocino, corned beef, adobo and I love eating in McDonalds or Jollibee where fried chickens are delicious.

Favorite drinks: Cold water, Chamomile tea (it knocks me out for better sleep), milk tea (refreshing and relaxing).

Favorite movies: The grudge, Transformers, My girl and I, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Da Vinci Code.

Favorite books: Ok where do I start? I really love collecting and reading books si there are a lot of interesting books I have at home. Purpose Driven Life, Harry Potter 2-6, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars (Yeah, call me a geek), Dating clues for the clueless, Bible (Must read, best selling book of all time, no house can never be complete without it around).

Favorite Magazines: Now your talking! FHM Philippines (all hail), T3 Magazine, Games Master, Game! Magazine, STImuli (STI’s regional school paper), InSTInct (Our very own school paper in STI San Pablo, where Im one of the News editors), and any magazine that is computer related.

Hobbies: Is sleeping a hobby? Anyway I like sleeping. Surfing the net and checking out my friendster account, blogging, reading, exchanging new info’s, tweaking my laptop, photoshop, designing web sites (i do hope someday I will have my own), and of course playing games on our PSP and PS2.

Interests: Books, Technology, Computers, Magic the gathering, games and women (who doesnt)

Hates: Cockroach, heights, you barking orders at me.

(I wont be giving my phone number and e-mail for security measures, thats what we comsci students do)

Interview myself (bangis ng trip ko):

Ever been inlove?:

“Yes, many times. All of them ended badly. Never had any girl friend.”

Are you dating somebody now?:

“Nope, Thanks to my brother we are now banned to court or date anyone but I think its a good reason for me to focus more on my studies.”

Of all the girls you courted, whom did you fell in love the most?:

“It will be the last girl, my bestfriend, Vanessa Sy”

What happened? Why is she the last?:

“I loved her very much, more than anything in this world. There will always be a time that I will give anything just for her, never had a dull moment with her. But I believe Im not yet ready. I was selfish and always gets jealous when shes with someone. I became very possesive to her and over reacting. But Im not saying Im a bad friend nor a good guy. We had our fair share of good memories like Valentines day last 2008. The reason why Im now and Im her ex-best friend is that I lied to her na nasa Italy ako but Im just actually here in the Philippines, I wanted to see what she will feel kapag nawala ako, but when she learned I lied she banned me from their house (I always visit every tuesdays and thursdays). Now its my biggest regret. Pero I apologized naman I even went to their house on a stormy afternoon to say sorry but I was too late. Now I want to be a better man than I was, so maybe someday if God permits na nagkita kami, I’ll be a better Gen kesa dati. Plus she’s half chinese and she wants to follow what her father tells her: To marry either a half foreigner or pure ones, no Filipino guy.”

Hows your relationship with her now?:

“Wala na, we never communicated since. pero she left a message on ym nangangamusta. I never answered back. The reason is that I believe its not yet the right time, may pain pa eh, so it also means my konting tampo pa that might turn to another set of dramatic quarrel.Its not pride.(meron palang konti)”

Enough of the love life…Now for facts about me:

  • I have a congenital heart disease, Im a blue baby (Said to live for only nine years, luckily theres God).
  • I drink about 4 medicines in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 4 every night.
  • All of us have vices, mine will be very freaky. I stalk, and hack pictures. I dont drink nor smoke.
  • I started stalking when I was third year high school. It got me many benefits such as: Familiarity to the whole plaza.
  • I eat ice cream when Im depressed it cools my head.
  • I have an album at home filled with pictures of girls, some were given with dedication. Some are…well, forcefully taken from the net.(thankfuly they dont get mad even if they found out).
  • I got lots of nicknames namely: Gen, Bossing, Manager, Nard, Nog-nog.

Thats all for today rest na ko hehehe. Time for some nap.

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