Windows Vs. Apple

Posted: 22/05/2009 in Opinionz, TechBitz

Their war, our victory. Ladies and gentlemen, gone are the days where big companies keep blabbering how better their products were. Today we stand firmly on the ground mesmerized on how technology and gadgets speak for themselves. Steve Jobs (Dude, he invented the freakin ipod) versus Steve Ballmer (Microsofts new wacky CEO) and their ginormous company are head to head to bring us “The best gadget” we could possibly dream of. Every month these two collide with awesome sets of camera phones, softwares, HD TV’s and more. The result, we get the best of the best. Forget GPS they got Sonar mapping, Forget 3.2 megapixel cam they gave us 5 megapixel and forget 1 MB they gave us a whooping 16GB worthof storage (ipod). Every time they collide we get all the blessings. Thank you Lord!


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