The misadventures of Gen

Posted: 29/05/2009 in Humor, Thats life

May 27, 2009

My dad picked me up from my cousins house because I need to go to Philippine Hearth Center for my check-up and test,(I go once every year) Of course I was so excited because I know after the test and check-up is done we go directly to the mall, the good part is my brothers cant come since there wont be anyone to supervise our sari-sari store, which means more money for me, solo haha eat my shorts! I slept early (10pm? you call that early?!)

May 28,2009

The D-day, dad woke me up so early, about 5:30 am The nerve! I set my alarm at 6 am, kulang sa tulog, bitin!). Dad told me NOT TO EAT ANYTHING for the blood extraction.(Ano raw?! Bawal kumain?! Noooooo!) So no matter how those yummy, tasty looking Pan De Manila breds are, I can only stare…Drooling, mesmerizing at the beauty of the bread nd cheese in it, eyes wide open. I took a bath, without eating. Got inside the Isuzu Van, mom put some bread beside us incase THEY get hungry…I on the other hand…Cursing.(@!$#%^). Before we went to Manila we need to get the driver, Ma Thong, from wawa so we went. Then on our way to Manila I found myself still rather tired so I slept. After I woke up we are still just half way to our destination, and the heat is starting to irritate me.

Finally, we arrived (Thank you Lord!). So first we have to conduct tests. But before that dad told me they need a urine sample (Ha! Easy!) and a poop sample (D’oh!). He gave me two small cups where I should put it, (What? This small?) It was a first for me…A shocking first. The urine was easy, all I have to do is to tell my mind and body to urinate. The poop was…..Challenging, I failed the first try.

First Test: Blood Extraction

In other words, a big fat syringe. Last time it was two big syringe, mom said its different now, she said its smaller this time. My dear readers, she was right…about the small tube. As I entered the nurse ordered me to sit (mataray ang gaga) she pulled a small tube where the blood will be contained……Then a big needle that got me whimpering while shes injecting it. At last I can eat and be done with the cursed poo sample!

Second Test: Heart Rate

We entered a small room, where I waited and dad and a senior nurse debated whether we can get an ECG now (Sorry sir, there’s no pediatrician to do it). I noticed there’s a lot of nurses in that room, all apprentice, college nurses, all pretty and cute except for one. He’s a guy…I think. A minute later one of the nurses called and told me to lie in the bed (Youre kidding right?). The lying part is easy, but lying in a bed, no shirts (only pants) with lots of cute nurses surrounding you. Embarrassing, Humiliating, Stupid, not to mention pogi points gone down to zero. I cant watch. I cant even look at the nurses (lie! thats a lie, you took advantage of the situation so you can get a glimpse on them!). Cant wait to get out of that room.

Third Test: X-Ray

Before that I have to finish what those friggin doctors started: The poop sample. While eating I sort of tought that I should put the poop in a napkin then transfer it to the cup (Yes, may logic ako!), sadly dad told me I cant do that, the poop might get other contaminating substances…Blah blah blah (Great! There goes plan A) so I really have to literally scoop it.

Since we cant take the ECG test today (rescheduled monday) the last test will be the X-Ray. The X-ray room was in another building so off we go. We waited for them to call us, but then a couple sat beside us, with them is their child, Thin, rather abnormaly black color, unhealthy and he also has a hearth disease…Just like me (Except for the color, Im a little normal now). Parents exclaimed that the boys heart disease was inborn (just like me) his heart’s got a hole (again, like me) the only difference we have is that my veins are placed where they should not be, baligtad for short. I kinda said to myself: Kid, goodluck I do hope you survive. It might be very tactful even for me but its true for us, for people who have this hearth failure, our life is shorter. Doctor told my parents that my life was only expected to be nine years so I should have died 10 years ago, (Im 19, do the math) thankfuly God gave me longer life. Then the X-ray. Done.

So after a gruelling and not to mention humiliating experience inside the Philippine Heart Center, It was time for my favorite part…mall, shopping, National Book store, bwahahahaha!

We arrived there at 11am or so, mom gave me Php 500.00 (its usually just Php 300.00) to spend unwisely. She said they’ll just wait for me in the stairs right next to the mall’s exit.


If you are someone with a guy named Genard Martin S. Mercado, and you lost track of him while doing your shopping the most common place he’ll end up is a book store, namely, National Bookstore, Filbars, and Booksale to name a few. The second store you should look at is cd-r king where he buys his laptop’s needs.

Anywho, Im went inside National Bookstore, after deciding where to go first (First floor: National Bookstore, Third floor: Cd-r king Fourth, floor: Hobby store a question and answer portion, a multiple choice type)

As always I mesmerize, oogle, and browse at the books, I love reading. Theres alot of interesting books, but I need to find ate Ella’s “Diary ni Ella: Confessions ng isang masahista” book first. So I started browsing all shelves. I also found 2 cute girls the first one was browsing also, the other one was reading (Beauty and brains, wohoo!). So many good and interesting books.

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code (Where the heck can I find a copy of Angels and Demons)

Bob Ong’s books (I lost my copy of “bakit baligtad magbasa ang pilipino” three times already, fiendish classmates didnt brought it back! Thieves!)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (I’ll watch it instead)

and finally I found it! Copies of “Diary ni Ella”, (Thank you Lord!) I was so excited that I never mind the other interesting books I saw. I quickly grabbed it and paid the cashier Php 130.00 (Presyong pang-masa kapatid!)

I did went to cd-r king and Hobby store, I need a cleaning kit for my laptop and a brand new deck of Magic the Gathering was on sale (Php 550.00! Its soooo on!) that I schemed up a plan to get another Php 500 from mom (sinful child) but we ended up going home…No I did not asked for the additional Php 500 and  she did not scold at me, I just thought of saving my last money. Remember “Operation Green” (From previous post titled “Operation Green”) save money.

Going home:

Irritating yet again, its scorching hot with matching traffic jam. Bored, I decided to finally read the book, I found myself laughing, and inspired. Every page has a message deep inside that I continued even though we left the mall 1 pm and arrived 6:30 pm, I was never bored. I was so entertained that I did not think twice finishing it that night. Actually bitin kasi 125 pages lang, pero its ok I learned a lot from her.

“Ate Ella’s book was and is still one of the most breath taking yet humorous story I have read. I was so entertained that I did not mind reading it in the middle of the heat and a traffic jam. To me her story is like love, hope, humor and inspiration artfully placed in the book. She proved in her story that behind every humorous, funny and fun loving person is a sad story waiting to be told.

She is a sign of girl power, a woman who did it all for the sake of her father, an example of strength in the middle of a crisis and financial crunch. If ever she wrote another book, I won’t give a second thought of buying it. I fell in love with her and her story in an instant, like I have never been before. A must-read!”

  1. ella says:

    Hehe grabe ka. Ang dami palang kasamang adventures and misadventures sa pagbili ng book ko. Buti na lang may napaglibangan ka sa gitna ng init at trapik. Bakit naman ganoon katagal bago kayo nakauwi? Parang pumunta ka na sa Quezon sa tagal ah. Naubos na ang oras sa kakabiyahe no? Teka, hindi mo naikwento kung kumain ka na sa wakas :lol:.

    • Gen says:

      oo nga noh haha D’oh! kumain naman ate after the blood extraction dun ako nagplano kung pano ko sosolusyunan yung…ahem..poop sample kung saan hindi din nagawa haha masaya sobra hehe lalo na nung nabili ko yung book hehe endure lahat mula manila to san pablo (or is it the other way around) nawala yung pagod 11pm nung natapos ko ate yung book kung saan may nakita akong ipis na gumagapang bago matulog kaya sa 2nd floor na lang ako hehehe

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