New Categories

Posted: 07/06/2009 in Uncategorized

Im a guy who likes things organized and placed in a neat way, like my mom. So even in my blog I tried to organize my posts so they can be categorized and classified as follows.

These are my new categories:

  • Humor (Humorous moments)
  • LoveLink (My love life or love conversations)
  • Opinionz (My opinions that dont count hehehe)
  • TechBits (My complains about these new gadgets that they release before testing for defects)
  • Thats life (Things that happen with my daily life)
  • Trivia_Corner (Collection of trivia’s for dummies)
  • Uncategorized (Default, requires literacy…)

Just want you to know so you can be updated, and click away what category you are interested in.


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