One step at a time…

Posted: 09/06/2009 in LoveLink, Opinionz

If you want to get something right you have to do it SLOW, scars heal over time but you have to remember that scars leave scabs that mark and sometimes it wont heal. To be forgiven you have to apologize with your whole heart, set things straight and let her feel that your sorry. Patience is the key, don’t rush things, rushing her might make things more complicated…Let it go, enjoy as time passes if your patient enough you might or will be forgiven. Be vigilant! Sometimes things just doesn’t go as planned, let it pass. Learn from your mistake so you won’t commit it again. I believe people deserves a 3 chance limit: Chance, Second chance, and Last chance. But if you love the person that much you give more than that. But if you are the one who did her wrong then she’s likely to be the judge, the jury, and the executioner. Never worry if she banish you forever, it will pass. She’ll still consider you a part of your life no matter how good or bad you have been.

Take time to realize who’s to blame and don’t act rationally. Never be too conclusive with your thoughts and weigh your decisions carefully. One shot, that is all you have! One shot to make a difference between a happy ending and a regret of your life. Saying Sorry is very hard it requires a lot of balls and guts to utter such word. Admitting you are wrong is a sign that your strong enough and brave to admit such a thing. We are men not ignorants. We know whats wrong and whats not, pride is common but it has its moments to begone.

Saying “Im sorry” is one small step away from forgiveness but a big leap to be a better man. Let’s not thrive on pride nor be too scared to admit that your wrong cause if we do, then a diamond is forever lost in a pile of rocks.


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