Hindi ko naisave!?! Noooo!

Posted: 10/06/2009 in Thats life

I was playing Fight Night Round 3 yesterday, created a new boxer named Barack Obama hehe, speed type boxer, south paw and yes looks exactly just like mr. president himself. I was enjoying every part of the game from beginning till end, at first he was slow, beginner of course but I enjoyed pumping him up every fight. Giving opponents non-stop left haymaker punches till they bleed and fight no more, knocked out or referee stoped the fight because of serious cuts from the head. It took my boxer only two rounds to knock an opponent down and eventually win, winning him high ranks and trophies suck as K.O. King, Haymaker trophy and fastest knock out. I also entered charity events, sponsored fights, and rival challenges and keep ending up a winner. It was fun until I fought this one special event with a boxer whose name escaped me. He was taller than my Obama, faster and even stronger. One normal punch is equivalent to a damage done by a haymaker punch. Aga stole the PSP from my hand:

Aga: watch me! This is how you do it!…

Gen: Yeah right…

(Moments later)

Aga: Oh no! Shit!!! @$#%#!!! Im losing Im losing.

It took 6 rounds. Then we were badly beaten to a pulp. Crushed, humiliated in public and went home limping (The boxer that is). Great one lose and 37 K.O.’s, 1 is fine…But still bugs me that I lost. Well, technically Aga lost but still he used my boxer so…Anyway,  Aga told me:

Aga: Quick! Press HOME so it wont save and overwrite your data!

He quickly pushed the HOME button. Then I started the game again…I browsed…Somethings wrong. Wheres my boxer? Wheres my Obama?! Oh heck no!!! Nooooooo! I forgot, I never saved the data once, I just kept fighting and never saved the data. Auto-save feature is off. Darn!


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