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You’ll never know the true meaning of friendship until you haven’t met someone who will show it to you. Each and every one of us have a friend or group of friends, may they be good or bad or even weird like me, as long as there is someone out there who’s always with you and you call friend, tropa, friendship, kaberks, pare, mare,  homie love, jompie how la, etc.

I have this book entitled: “Dating: Clues for the clueless” it’s actually about courting and dating girls, but still this book gave me the best definition of a true friend or how to distinguish a true friend.

From “Dating: Clues for the clueless”

“A good friend is someone you can depend on.

A good friend always has a shoulder ready when its needed to cry on.

A good friend is ready with a listening ear when there’s a  sharing to be done.

A good friend can be counted on just about anything.

No inconvenience is too great and no problem is too small to a good friend.

A good friend isn’t afraid to put himself in a position to be taken advantage of.

A good friend can (but never should) be taken for granted.

You can always assume that a good friend is always there for you.

A good friend is someone who can be confided to.

A good friend will keep all your secrets, except the ones that could hurt you.

A good friend has no interest in gossiping to others about the things you share.

A good friend will not use your words against you under any circumstances.

When you open up to a good friend you can be confident that no one else will hear what you say.

A good friend is someone who can speak the truth in love.

A good friend will listen to everything you say, but will not automatically agree with you.

A good friend cares enough about you and is confident enough in your friendship to give you his honest opinion.

A good friend will tell you when you’re out of the line, point out when you’re being selfish, and confront you when being hurtful.

A good friend will do all of these in a loving and compassionate way as prescribed by apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:15.

A good friend is not easily discouraged in the friendship.

A good friend actually believes that “Friends are friends forever”.

A good friend’s loyalty is unwavering.

A good friend recognizes and accepts your flaws and weaknesses.

A good friend may be hurt by you, but will come to you with that hurt.

A good friend will accept your heartfelt apology without holding a grudge.

A good friend will not let your friendship to be jeopardized by trivial (or even not-so-trivial) matters.

A good friend is someone who has taken time to get to know you.

A good friend is someone who calls you every time the Breakfast Club is on TV because he knows it’s your favourite movie.

A good friend is someone who will embarrass you (in a good way) by making a big deal of your birthday, even if you tried to pretend that you don’t want him to.

A good friend is someone who makes you a tape of your favourite songs just because she felt like doing it.

A good friend is someone who listens for the Giant’s scores every night, even though he hates sports, because he knows you’re a big fan.

A good friend is someone who’s interested in things for no other reason than the fact that you’re interested in them.

A good friend celebrates you and the things you love.”

These messages inspired me and taught me the true meaning of friendship. Despite the fact that I have very few friends, I know I can count on them. It’s always an honour to be standing  beside them, knowing that they too are honoured to have you. Trust, the very foundation of every relationship, without it every relation shatters. It takes months or even years to get to know someone. But after you get to know everything about that person and see that he/she is a true friend then an unbreakable seal of friendship begins to grow between the two of you. You become inseparable, you know every strengths and weaknesses of each other and keep each other’s secrets. Nigh inseparable we are, my buddies Macky and Bryan are always together at school, we tend to look for each other if someone doesn’t feel right, we laugh at each other’s jokes, argue in a good way, and make sure to help each other in times of need.

I have observed that some friends will praise you if your bond is strong but stab you at the back if you had a big argument, they tend to tell nasty things about you, leak out your secrets and use your weaknesses against you. This is very common today. And I can say that this is a nasty friendship if things like these happen. I also have witnessed friendship shattered because both of them like the same guy, a very trivial thing to waste something eternal. Friendship, it’s not just a tag, it’s also a promise. A promise that will give you benefits and happiness that lasts forever, but will make you regret all your life if you throw it away.

  1. Samantha says:

    Great post! Really good insight. Friends can always be there in difficult times and make life more meaningful. Thanks for your post. I recently stumbled upon this blog like I stumbled upon yours. I think they offer some good points and laughter about the topic:

    Thanks for the post! I’d like to see more like it.

  2. Au Ancheta says:

    I’m currently reading it…It was a nice book and even though I’m just starting to read it, I’m learning a lot

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