Taste my fury!

Posted: 03/07/2009 in Opinionz, Thats life, Uncategorized

I like to take this time to express my sadness and the fury of my life because not all stories have happiness embedded into them.

I’m angry and at the same time sad because I have a lot of friends who are girls, yeah I have lots of fun when I’m with them, but I do wonder, with a lot of girls out there why is it that NO one had ever given me a chance to be their boy friend. Yes, like every living human on this planet I want to have someone to love and at the same time be loved in return. I have never met any woman who took interest of giving me a chance to fully express how I feel for them. The answer is always the same: “Sorry!”, or “I love you too, but as a friend”. Isn’t it enough for me to almost give every piece of my heart and soul to people who doesn’t even deserve it or to people who will just throw it away? Every time I fall from failing they give me an excuse to hate women, and  I don’t want to be a girl-hater but still they give me reasons to resort in that idea, however, maybe I’m the one who’s got the issues here and the one to be blamed. Because if I had only used my brain wisely I may have avoided such failures. I wonder, if the one destined for me found me, will I still be intact and fit to love her still? Or will it be too late because I have given all the pieces of my heart to the wrong ones?

One more problem is my parents (To my parents and any other parents out there, I’m very sorry for this, I just have to let this out and this is the best way to do it). Yes it’s true they do their responsibilities very well but the problem is they keep reminding me to take my medicine, prevent me from playing games in my laptop, tell me that I’m responsible why my siblings keep playing PS2 and a whole lot more. Actually these things are all for the sake of our future, but one word is enough for a wise man, once you told me that I will do what you say or avoid the things you don’t want me to do. They don’t have to repeat it over and over again just like “RECYCLING” every word you say. Also I think its if they can just put themselves in our shoes, I play games in my laptop cause its fun, entertaining and I tell you this my dear readers if our parents can only understand how it is to play a high definition, no-holds-barred, uber thrilling games like we have now in our age they will know why we get easily hooked by them. One more thing, they keep saying “in my days….Blah blah blah”, well those days are gone, today’s age is far more different because it holds more liberated and rebellious yet intelligent people whose eyes are now easily opened to things they don’t expect to or have to know. But I never scold nor answered back if my parents are reprimanding me, this is to keep my honor and a sign of respect to my parents.


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