Posted: 18/11/2009 in Uncategorized

Apparently the fiesta went well, being a pessimistic person I thought no one in my class would come, but a handful of them made it. It’s still sad though that the people who are dear to me never came, its fair because it was Sunday a time for family and God but it’s also unfair because we only have fiesta in San Lucas once a year, can’t they find even a small time to celebrate fiesta with us after spending time with God and family or doing work then after that they can proceed again with what they’re doing?
Food was flooding though the rain is pouring, we ate a lot despite people staring. Lecheflan, Carbonara, Sushi, Salad, and macapuno, we ate a lot we keep coming back for more. It did end splendidly despite such rain. My relatives got a little sulky at me since I didn’t even try to greet them, I was too busy having time with my friends and classmates. We left our house at about 5pm or so I went to the church, spent a little more time with them then walked back home. Our house is just 2 Km away from the church and even if I have a congenital heart disease I can make it home.
After the guests left it’s time for us to have our own eating spree. Mom went to manage the store though she said she spent a lot for the food and have to take back the losses. My brother and his classmates were doing some accounting project of some kind. I did wish they go home, they’re hogging the PSP and I can’t play Monster Hunter and I think they violated my FHM magazines.


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