Worlds Most Expensive

Posted: 08/08/2010 in Trivia_Corner

We all want to be filthy rich someday, but for now let’s have an overview of how to waste your moolah when we got lucky and got a multi billion net worth. Dream On!

Most Expensive Car:

Bugatti Veyron ($1.5 million)

Most Expensive Perfume:

The Imperial Majesty  ($215,000 for 500 ml)

Most Expensive Whiskey:

1926 bottle from the Macallan Fine and Rare Collection ($38,000)

Most Expensive Christmas tree:

Ginza Tanaka’s 24k gold Christmas tree ($1.6 million)

Most Expensive Egg:

Faberge eggs (57 eggs for $9,579,500.00 in 2002)

Most Expensive Bag:

Hermez Birkin Ginza Tanaka Bag ($1.9 million)

Most Expensive Shoes:

Cinderella Slippers by Stuart Weizman ($2 million)


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