Angels Fly,.

Posted: 23/08/2010 in LoveLink

A friend once asked me, “What is the best thing that you can give to the one you love?”, my answer was of course the obvious one, “Love”, I said to him. It’s funny how simple words and phrases can strike down to oppose even the most held philosophies in life and change how you see the world, my friend has that unique gift. His answer was very common, plain and simple yet many people, even I, had either refuse to see it or neglect it’s importance. He told me, with confidence brimming in his eyes, “For me it’s understanding. Everyone can learn how to love, care, trust, etc. when he found his special someone but not everyone can understand. Loyalty? maybe, but if a guy inquires too many questions on where she went, what she did, who’s she with, then no matter how loyal he is, expect both hearts to break. Trust is gone, and without the building block of love the relationship fails to hold, all because the guy was too selfish to understand his girl.

The same philosophy can be applied to let someone go. The concept is quite simple, really. Find the reason why she wants to be free, then try to understand her with all your heart, no matter how logical or irrational her reasons may be. Do understand that you don’t let her go because you need to, but because you want to, for you to see her happy even if it is in the arms of another and even if it hurts you forever. Love is not like war that can be won by sheer force and willpower of armor, artillery and infantry. Love is much more complex and often has uncertain conditions, strategy is not enough but both entity has a similarity, and that is the option of a Peace treaty.

“Such great wonders, these women are.

Like a bouquet of roses that mesmerizes even the faintest hearts,

held  with such tender care in ones arms.

Fragile symbol of affection and love,

Should only be given to the ones you love.

A gardener will do everything for his beloved flower,

he’ll do everything beyond his powers.

It might seem stupid to see someone singing and talking to a plant every night

But these actions made it bloom so right.

What will happen if someone comes along one day asking for his most favorite flower?

Will it be rude to say no because it just hurts to let it go?

Or will he give it to the the man hoping he will give it the same care, or maybe even better than the ones he show?”

The man has been there, been through many heartbreaking situations, cried countless tears whenever he remembers it, acquired wisdom through experience and mistakes. But this time he feels it’s going to be different, and in so many ways. For one that guy want to let her go without any negative emotions, anger or regret whatsoever. He simply want to see her free so she could be happy, oh how priceless that smile can be. Secondly, he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes he has done in the past, so no matter what happens he still want her to be a part of his life, no more grudges when he loses. As long as she’s with him he will be at full content.

It is through sheer courage and understanding that one learns to accept his loss and let go. Many people shows too much pride to let someone special free, killing her everyday unconsciously but a very few shows love by admitting his loss without feeling any negative emotion and let her fly. Letting someone go is one of the best sacrifices that you show her you love her and by doing that you’ll see through her smile how Angels fly.


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