Game of Thrones

Posted: 05/08/2011 in The Book Mark

Fast paced action, epic battles, historic scenery and erotic tales in between. This is definitely what you’ll expect when you watch HBO’s new mini series Game of Thrones. The series came originally from George R. R. Martin’s best selling book Game of Thrones, and like every movie that came from books you’ll expect a lot of differences between the two. This is an advantage of people who loves reading a lot from the ones who only watch their movie version. They know what really happened, what scenes were different from the book and if the story is really that good like the movies showed.

Game of Thrones is more like your average Lord of the Rings kind of story except for the fact that this story is like an epic history of betrayal, war, greed and even your daily dose of sexual fantasies between different factions. The story is great that I hang into it in the end because you’ll discover a lot of twists and turns concerning the Starks (the protagonists) and their God forsaken kingdom. The excitement level in each chapter is just too great that you’ll never want to leave it behind during lunch. There’s a lot of fight-the-baddies-and-save-the-day scenes and you’ll hear yourself reading the lines “Winter is coming” more than once.

Despite the great story and excitement it brings there are problems with the characters in this book. You’ll find yourself wondering early on who is who and which faction they belong to because there’s just too many knights, servants, bastards, kings and queens in here. It’s just too confusing and unless you have a good memory inside that thick skull of yours you’ll find yourself looking at the factions list in the back of the book. In the end as much as I like the story I would say there’s just too many characters that it gets confusing.

The Good:

Great story, unique in every way, thrilling and will definitely get your adrenaline pumping that you would not want to put it down. One of the greatest fantasy novels since The Lord of the Rings. George will capture your imagination and attention and the story will definitely be an epic mini series in HBO.

The Bad:

It’s just too confusing. There are too many characters and factions (most of them will die since there’s a war anyway). Terrible ending is a total letdown for such a great story. I believe I’ll stick to good ol’ Gandalf and his cronies.


The Rating: 6/10


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