Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Posted: 05/08/2011 in The Book Mark



52% of married couples end up in divorce and a lot of them complains that their partner doesn’t listen or they don’t have time or any other imperfections they can find in a relationship. What they don’t know is that most relationship turns bitter when both individuals have no basic understanding of the opposite sex. You may receive a lot of self-help advice from friends, family and books but that’s not actually going to work unless you know yourself and how different you are from the opposite sex.

Fortunately yours truly found the answer your looking for, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you one of the most sought after book about relationships and a classic guide to understanding the opposite sex, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus by John Gray. This book sold over 7 million copies and is still one of the best selling books of all time. It has been featured in the movie Meet Dave starring Eddie Murphy and in Ronda Byrne’s The Secret.

I’m very glad I came across this book when we had our IT Convention in SM Mall of Asia years ago. Since two of my favorite topics is the differences between the opposite sex and girl psychology (although there’s no such thing) I thought this would be a good book to start learning, the relationship part was a plus. Again my instinct is never wrong because this book not only taught me the differences it also showed me why even rich people end up in divorce, why most couples argue and what the opposite sex really meant when they say “I’m okay”. There’s a lot of examples and situations given in this book that sooner or later you’ll find yourself relating to one of them and discover solutions that you never did before.

Although some of the messages here are redundant it just shows us that we keep doing the same things that we should avoid in a relationship (like never listening to women when they need it the most). This will definitely be a must-have book in your disposal and a helpful source of information to share with your friends when their in a tight situation (a.k.a. Argument).


The Good:

Very helpful, educating and a valuable source of advice and information that you and your partner would definitely love to read together. Gives you classic advice and solutions that never fails to work even today, this book will open a lot of things that you don’t know you possess emotionally and mentally. A definite must-have in your arsenal if your trying to find a book that will improve your relationship buy this book and you’ll know that it’s worth the expense.

The Bad:

Messages are sometimes redundant (But forgivable). The only thing worse than that is if you don’t share it to your friends, family and most of all your partner (Unforgivable). What’s the use of understanding the opposite sex if the opposite sex doesn’t understand you?


The Rating: 10/10


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